Yuumi has a 73-percent ban rate on EUW servers among Platinum ranked players and above

Image via Riot Games

Since Yuumi hit the live League of Legends servers last May, she’s been a contested pick for bottom laners around the world. But she’s now reached new heights with a 73-percent ban rate on Europe West servers among players who are ranked Platinum and above.

The Magical Cat’s ban numbers are interesting to look at from a global perspective. The Western League scene seems to fear her a lot more than their Eastern counterparts.

In North America, for example, Yuumi has a 59.3-percent ban rate, which is one of the highest for any champion in the game. In South Korea, however, she only has a 10.1-percent ban rate at the same skill level. Even Japanese servers only have an 11.3-percent ban rate on the support.

Most players have gripes with how boring it can be to lane against Yuumi since she’s one of the safest supports to play due to her ability to hop onto an allied champion and become untargetable. Her healing is top notch and her poke can be troublesome to deal with as well.

The only way to truly deal with a strong Yuumi combination is by pressuring the lane early with some roams from the jungler and mid lane players. But the North American and European player bases are notorious for their lack of map movement. As a result, Yuumi bottom lanes flourish once left alone during the laning phase, leading to more bans in the West.

Korea’s solo queue, on the other hand, is known to have many players roam around the map to make plays early and often. If a Yuumi bottom lane is continuously hit with ganks, there isn’t much that duo can do to escape. Once the ADC is dead, the cat is sure to follow.

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