Will ‘The Batman’ Will Find Robert Pattinson’s Batman Marrying Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman?

In The Batman, Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader might find himself in the middle of a romance in Matt Reeves’ upcoming film. The movie will introduce several characters in the rogues’ gallery, some of whom may appear in future films in the popular franchise. This includes Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman, who reportedly will start an epic romance with Pattinson’s Batman.

Robert Pattinson The Batman
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A look at ‘The Batman’

Warner Bros. has not confirmed any projects with Robert Pattinson beyond The Batman, though inside sources claim that Reeves is making a trilogy. The Batman will establish several characters within the rogues’ gallery while setting the stage for what’s to come.

Once these characters are established, Reeves is expected to
introduce the Joker, who will play a significant part in the story. It is
unclear if this version of the Joker is the same one Joaquin Phoenix played in
the 2019 film.

Some of the villains slated to appear in the first movie, meanwhile, include Riddler (Paul Dano) and Penguin (Colin Farrell).

Kravitz will also be introduced as Selina Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman.
The actress voiced the role of Catwoman in The Lego Batman Movie. While
Reeves has not confirmed the reports surrounding Catwoman, inside sources claim
that the director has a romantic storyline in mind for her character.

Will Pattinson’s Batman marry Kravitz’s Catwoman?

An inside source told We
Got This Covered that the first movie in the trilogy, The Batman,
will explore the early romance between Batman and Catwoman. The insider did not
say if Reeves is adapting a story from the comics, but he certainly has plenty
of material to work with.

In the second and third movies, the source claims that the pair
will get married and then start a family. This coincides with the storyline in Batman
and would be a unique way to set this trilogy apart from The Dark

Throughout most of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) struggled with his relationship with Rachel Dawes (Katie Holmes/Maggie Gyllenhaal). By the end of The Dark Knight Rises, Bruce started seeing Selina (Anne Hathaway), but their romance did not have time to develop into anything meaningful.

Reeves, of course, has not confirmed any of these rumors, so it
will be interesting to see where he takes the story.

Warner Bros delays ‘The Batman’

Like most projects in Hollywood, Warner Bros. recently confirmed
that production on The Batman has been delayed due to the coronavirus
pandemic. Filming was in full swing when the pandemic hit, though Reeves
believes there is a silver lining to the current crisis.

According to Cinema Blend, Reeves, who started working on the project a few years ago with Ben Affleck, revealed that delays in filming often benefit the creative process as the cast and crew have more time to reflect on the material.

“I’ve worked on some other movies where, for various
reasons, you have a shutdown—whether it’s an actor gets sick and needs time to recover, or
actually one time I got sick and needed time to recover,” he shared.
“I do find that any time you’re in the midst of something enormous where you can
suddenly stop and take a little stock of where you’re at, that can be a creative gift
as well.”

That said, Reeves also revealed that they tragically lost a crew
member due to the virus. The director shared that everyone is “still
dealing with” the passing, which has proved difficult amid the lockdown

The Batman is now scheduled to premiere in October of 2021. Depending on when filming resumes, Reeves and his team will have around a year to finish the project before it hits theaters.

Reeves opens up about his version of the caped crusader

Batman has taken many forms on the big screens with eight different actors portraying the iconic hero. But only Michael Keaton, Christian Bale, and Affleck have played Batman in two or more movies.

Affleck and Bale have played the caped crusader the most, with
each actor appearing in three movies (Affleck was set to play Bruce in The
but backed out of the project).

While each Batman film has offered its own spin on the
character, Reeves hopes his version gives the audience something entirely new.
According to Screen
Rant, Reeves recently revealed that he has enjoyed the challenge of
taking the franchise in a different direction and hopes to create something

“To me, that’s the joy of working with it. You use those surface
elements of it, and you explore them in a way that, I feel, they haven’t been
explored yet,” he explained. “It’s like any great tale that you can keep revisiting
though the context of the times, and also through the context of human
experience, and find new ways to come at the character that illuminates
something that’s
meaningful to you, and hopefully meaningful to an audience.”

Reeves has been posting spoilers on social media — like Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit — so we can only assume he would let fans know as soon as filming on The Batman resumes.

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