Where To Visit The Stage North Of Sweaty Sands

The Travis Scott challenges in Fortnite have just gone live a few days ahead of Thursday’s show, and you can start earning in-game items ahead of the concert event as of right now. One of the first challenges? Visit the stage north of Sweaty Sands, and you’ll be rewarded with an event-specific banner.

Now, this caught me off guard a little bit because I thought that the stage was going to be at the end of the Sweaty Sands pier. But at least for right now, that’s not actually where the stage is at all.

It’s currently still under construction, and is being assembled in the island chain further up north, so if you land at Sweaty Sands you’re going to be out of luck getting there. Here’s where you actually need to go on the map itself:

The stage is being build over the water in between two islands, one of which is the one with the crashed plane on it, and the entire thing is just south of The Shark further north. But yeah, as of right now, it’s quite a bit further away from Sweaty Sands than I figure it would be. All you have to do is touch down on the stage for a few seconds, and despite the fact that it’s not assembled yet, you will get credit for completing the challenge.

I don’t know if this is where the stage is going to stay for the concert, or if it will be shuffle down toward the Sweaty Sands pier like the posters indicate. I have a hunch that this concern is going to be a bit larger in scope than the Marshmello show last year, so it will likely expand beyond just a simple stage. We’ll have to check in tomorrow and see if there is further progress on the stage, and if it moves anywhere. If it doesn’t, it’s possible this entire concern will take place in the island chain, not at Sweaty Sands itself, but we’ll see.

There are two more Travis Scott challenges that have just gone live, dance at the Yacht or Apres Ski for 10 seconds, and bounce off of giant Astro Heads which you will see everywhere. We have guides for those too, if you need some help. Otherwise, get those challenges done and get ready for the show on Thursday in the US, and in the following days in other regions.

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