When will Brawl Stars’ season 2, Summer of Monsters, begin?

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Brawl Stars’ second season is just around the corner.

Summer of Monsters will begin on July 10 and will run until Sept. 14. The season will introduce a new chromatic brawler, game mode, Brawl Pass, and skins.

This season’s Brawl Pass will feature the new chromatic Brawler, Surge. Two exclusive skins will also be unlockable in the pass: the Super Ranger Brock and the Mecha Paladin Surge. The Brawl Pass will have two variants: a free version and a paid one.

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The paid one will cost 169 gems and will offer significantly better rewards, including the exclusive skins and the chromatic Brawler. Players have to complete missions to advance the tiers in the pass. There are 60 tiers. After tier 60, players will receive a Big Box for every 500 tokens earned.

Players can also purchase the Brawl Stars bundle for 249 gems, which will automatically unlock a few tiers. If a player wants to advance a tier immediately, this can be done for 30 gems.

The new chromatic Brawler, Surge, will be one of the most unique Brawlers introduced. His main attack shoots a projectile that divides into smaller projectiles on hitting an enemy. Activating his super gives him extra strength and makes him stronger overall. These extra perks are lost after being killed, however.

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