When does season 4 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare start?

Screengrab via Activision

Call of Duty players have a few more days to finish any last-minute challenges in the season three battle pass before the season ends.

Patch 1.22 will likely be released before the new season and introduce several changes such as bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Specific issues such as players moving during the match countdown and challenges not unlocking for specific operators will likely be addressed in the new update.

Infinity Ward has not confirmed the size of the next patch, however, but players can expect more information in the next few days.

Modern Warfare fans can expect a lot of new content and updates in season four, which will go live on June 3, according to Charlie INTEL. Captain Price and Gaz are predicted to become playable operators, and Scrapyard will likely make an appearance in the new season.

Modern Warfare’s story will also progress during the new season. Season three saw Alex return from the grave with a prosthetic limb and join Ghost on the battlefield. Now Captain Price and Gaz are joining dropping into the action to help their fellow operators.

Season four will also introduce a new battle pass with a lot of exclusive content for players to unlock. Warzone players can also expect changes to Verdansk that might drastically change the map.

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