What The Walking Dead Daryl and Carol Spinoff Will Be About

But what exactly will Daryl and Carol actually get up to? Surely, there’s a reason their story is continuing beyond the bigger show. Well, to hear how Reedus describes the show, it sounds like the zombie-killing duo might be going on a road trip beyond Alexandria.

“It’s a different type of a show. It’s about the two of us going to see who’s left in the world,” Reedus says, teasing that the show will see Daryl and Carol encounter new groups and characters as they travel from place to place. The actor also says that the spinoff will have a “revolving group of people” involved, which could indicate the story will focus more heavily on standalone, “monster-of-the-week” episodes, a format the heavily serialized franchise has mostly stayed away from.

“It’s an opportunity for us to get really good actors and really good writers who don’t have to sign a seven-year contract. They come in for an episode or two. I think for a lot of actors, that’s an exciting possibility, exciting circumstance. I’m curious to have a revolving group of people.”

Interestingly, Reedus points to two Westerns from the 1970s as hints as to what AMC is doing with the new show.

“I was a big fan of TV shows when I was a kid like Kung Fu or Billy Jack, where you have a character who’s roaming the Earth and he gets into new situations, but when they leave, they change the tone of the environment by just being themselves passing through,” says Reedus.

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