“We Have Text Messages” – Dana White Open to Lie Detector Test with Jon Jones

Yesterday, Jon Jones slammed UFC President Dana White for apparently lying about his demands for a super fight against Francis Ngannou. ‘Bones’ termed it “interesting” to watch his boss lie to the camera. Later in another tweet, he termed it as absolute bulls**t. However, the UFC President’s latest comments indicate that it may be ‘Bones’ who is misleading the fans. 

Dana White welcomes lie detector test with Jon Jones

Speaking to the media ahead of the UFC Fight Night: Woodley vs Burns, White said it was fun to see ‘Bones’ tweets in the mornings. 

Dana White

“Yea it’s fun working out in the gym in the morning seeing tweets from Jon Jones saying I’m lying. We have text messages from Jon Jones. It’s not like I can’t prove what I’m saying is true. We have text messages.”

However, White immediately put to rest any speculations that he would divulge the messages to the press. Here he even welcomed a lie detector test. 

“I’m not gonna do that. I’m not gonna put his text messages out in the press. I could. If Jon Jones wants to sit down take a lie detector test about who’s lying and who’s not. We can do that too. So you know I don’t want to go there with this guy. The guy’s made a lot of money.”

White went on to highlight the top-ranked pound-for-pound fighter’s time in the UFC. 

“If you look at Jon Jones track record, show me somebody that has the track record this guy has and has made the money Jon Jones has made. Doesn’t happen.”

Finally, the UFC President brings up his stance on ‘Bones’ being the GOAT. 

“And it’s not like I’m out here on some smash Jon Jones crusade. I’m actually the one saying there is no debate. No argument. He is the GOAT. No matter what you think of his last 2 fights. The three people that matter say he won the fight.”

Jon Jones

“He’s undefeated and fought the best in the world despite what he’s been doing to himself outside the Octagon. He is still the World Champion.”

Will Jon Jones take Dana White up on his astounding offer of a lie detector test to end the debate once and for all?

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