Watch the best LoR streamers compete in first major Rising Tides Invitational

Legends of Runeterra Brash Gambler

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A total of 16 top Legends of Runeterra content creators in Europe and North America will battle it out on May 8 in the Principles Strength Invitational. 

Content creators from around the globe will compete for bragging rights, along with a $1,000 total prize pool per region. Coverage of the EU rounds begins at 7am CT and the NA rounds will start at 2pm CT on May 8.

Who’s been invited

Content creators participating in the Principles Strength Invitational have competed in numerous LoR tournaments during the open beta season. And several players have achieved multiple top-eight finishes, along with a few championship titles. Players in both regions are ranked in LoR Master, with several of them hitting Masters in multiple regions. 

Here are the top 16 LoR streamers competing in the Principles Strength Invitational:

  • EU: Alanzq, FreshLobster, FirstPinkBeaver, Presto, Zezetel, Pokrovac, Szychu, and ManuS. 
  • NA: Team Liquid’s Hyped, Gummi, Prismaticismism, Navioot, NicMakesPlays, Topher, BruisedByGod (BBG), and Swim. 

How to watch the LoR Principles Strength Invitational

Coverage will take place on Casanova’s Twitch channel here, starting at 7am CT, featuring the EU rounds. The NA rounds will begin at 2pm CT. Covering the invitational are LoR gurus CasanovaHOTS, CHARM3R, and The_Blevins. They will cast both the EU and NA rounds.


Players are competing in a single deck, best-of-three format. This is the first major community tournament since the official launch of LoR and the release of the Rising Tides expansion. 

  • Single deck format.
  • 15 card closed sideboard.
  • Two pools of four in Round Robin rounds (best-of-three).
  • Top two of each pool move onto the semifinals (best-of-three).
  • Finals are a best-of-five.

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