Valve confirms Dota 2 International Battle Pass will launch tomorrow

The wait for the International Battle Pass is finally over. Valve teased today that the spectacle update of the Dota 2 year will be dropped at some point on May 25. 

This lines up with Valve’s initial statement saying the Battle Pass was going to be slightly pushed back from its usual launch time due to COVID-19 causing delays for the development team. 

Things will be a lot different for this year’s Battle Pass, since TI10 has been delayed until some time next year and the competitive season is at a stand-still. What won’t change, however, is the fact that Valve is adding numerous quests, achievements, and earnable rewards for anyone who purchases the bundle. 

As per usual, there will be new consumable items, equipment sets, voice lines, animations, and models added over time, with Battle Points making a return as well. In 2019 there were 2,000 levels worth of rewards, so expect a similar quantity of content this year too.

Twenty-five percent of all proceeds will still go towards funding the TI10 prize pool, but it is unclear how long the Battle Pass will be available now that the event it is based around has been moved out of its August timeslot. 

Usually, the Battle Pass lasts for roughly another week after TI ends before being closed, letting fans redeem rewards for a bit longer after shutting down too. It is unlikely that Valve will leave the Battle Pass up for longer than the usual three and a half months, but anything can happen during the current pandemic. 

More information about the specific Battle Pass content and any other developmental changes will likely be released tomorrow in an official statement from Valve. But for now, get your wallet ready and prepare for the TI grind to begin on May 25.

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