UploadVR Delays Its VR Showcase Event To Make Space For Black Lives Matter Protests

UploadVR has announced it will be delaying its VR Showcase livestream event due to the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests.

In a statement released by the site, a new date of June 16 at 9AM PT was confirmed to ensure that “other voices [are] heard at this time”, giving space to black and anti-racist activists to ensure their message is spread and paid attention to without any distractions.

UploadVR is the latest in a long list of gaming events being delayed as a result of the protests, which began on May 26 after the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin. In March, Breonna Taylor was shot eight times by Louisville, Kentucky officers, who then also fatally shot David McAtee during the protests themselves. Tony McDade was also killed by police in Tallahassee, Florida. The protests have spread from beyond the United States to the world at large, with today seeing thousands gather in Birmingham, England to protest as just one example of the international condemnation of the US Police system.

The response from the games industry has been large. Ubisoft has cancelled community events, For Honor, Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite’s latest seasons have all been delayed, and various events – most notably the PlayStation 5 reveal – have also been pushed back to give space to the important message of the protests.

UploadVR’s Showcase is set to show the latest updates to popular games such as Pistol Whip and The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, as well as reveals from the likes of Apex Construct developers Fast Travel Games and more information on the upcoming stealth game The Panther VR. A lot of work has gone into the showcase, and it is a highly grassroots event with no major publisher backing, so UploadVR being willing to delay to ensure the Black Lives Matter movement has the social media space and public attention it needs is commendable.

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