UFC boss Dana White rips ‘media people trying to sabotage the events’ in response to NY Times report

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UFC President Dana White joined “Hannity” Monday to discuss White’s criticism of a New York Times reporter who alleged in a recent article that the organization’s enforcement of its coronavirus prevention plan was “spotty” during the UFC 249 event May 9.

“We were trying to figure out solutions to the problems and [asking] how do you bring sports back safely and health and safety is an issue for us,” White told host Sean Hannity. “Every single weekend when we were leading up to these events, we had so many, you know, New York Times and so many other media people trying to sabotage the events so that it couldn’t happen.

“I mean, this guy just got in The New York Times, interviewed the president of ESPN, Jimmy Pitaro, for 45 minutes, wasted 45 minutes of his time and never used one of his quotes,” White added. “You know why?Because they were positive.”


White profanely addressed the Times article by reporter Kevin Draper following Wednesday night’s event, which was held at an empty arena in Jacksonville, Fla., at one point referring to Draper as “this d—head from The New York Times.”

The UFC is the first major sports organization to put on events following a pause of nearly two months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Hannity asked White when he thought fans would be allowed to return to sporting events.

“It’s crazy. It’s, it’s tough to know. You know, you get different information from from different people and different sources,” White said. “You know, we’re going to end up living in a world where … you’re going to have to sign a waiver to go to a sporting event and, you know, and say, ‘Hey, I know that, you know, the COVID-19 virus is out there and, you know, I’m going to take the risk and go to the sporting event.”


White said testing was key allowing fans to attend events.

“I don’t know how long that’s going to be,” White said. “It’s you know, it’s going to depend on testing, if the level of testing keeps keeps going up.”

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