Tyler1 is one of the best Iverns in the world

From Draven main to jungle-only Challenger, Tyler1’s rise to the top has been nothing short of spectacular.

In the process, Tyler1 has now become one of the best Ivern players in the world, according to stats website League of Graphs. At the time of writing, Tyler1 is currently the third-best Ivern in North America and holds the 20th rank globally.

Of the top 100 NA Iverns present on the site, Tyler1 is the only Challenger on that list, along with a large sample size of over 300 games and a 54 percent win rate. Seven of the top 10 players are Diamond players, with another player in Platinum, with low matches and high win rates, likely indicating smurfs.

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Globally, the story is much of the same. Tyler1 is one of two Challengers in the top 20, with the supposed ranked one Ivern likely another smurf, having played 76 games purely on Ivern with a ridiculous 80 percent win rate.

It’s not a stretch to say that Tyler1 has morphed into one of the best Ivern players in the world, a far opposite from his previous favorite. Draven is known as a micro-intensive ADC with his unique ax catching mechanic that’s always the center of attention, while Ivern is a macro-heavy jungler that functions more as a crowd controlling support that stays in the shadows and brush.

The path to Challenger hasn’t been all roses, however. Tyler1 began his journey swifly, even executing an auspicious Baron steal on Lee Sin, but there were some equally hilarious misplays as well. It took Tyler1 just four months of Season 10 to grind his way to the top, so there’s plenty of time left for him for yet another gauntlet.

Ivern was one of his prime choices through Tyler1’s Challenger run, but the streamer also employed several other choices. His most played hero was Olaf, with almost 450 games played and a 57 percent win rate, along with other picks like Karthus, Jarvan IV, and Lee Sin.

Currently, Tyler1 is basking in the spotlight for his feat. What’s next for him? No matter what challenge he thinks up for himself next, the streamer remains one of the most entertaining personalities on the Summoner’s Rift, and you can watch his journey on his official Twitch channel.

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