Twitch Rivals Dota 2 Showdown live scores and standings

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Twitch Rivals is providing a unique approach to the usual competitive Dota 2 format, assigning one captain to lead random rosters into battle across Europe and North America. 

From ppd to Lelis, NA is hosting some stacked teams, while the EU showmatch showed that AdmiralBulldog and Gorgc might not be able to hang with some of the current players.

The NA bracket is the main event, with four teams led by some of the best American Dota talent available battling it out for $50,000. Meanwhile, EU only had two teams battling it out in a showmatch that had two of the biggest Dota streamers taking on some active competitors. 

The event is only running June 9 to 10, but for anyone who wants to keep track of the standings, here live scores and standings for each of the Twitch Rivals Dota 2 Showdown regions. 

North America


Place Team Prize
Second TBD TBD
Fourth TBD TBD


Team BSJ Team Lelis Team ppd Team monkeys-forever
BSJ Lelis ppd monkeys-forever
Boris Thiolicor iAnnihilate Brax
DeMoN 4dr lukiluki ixmike88
FrancisLee KJ Moo Jubei
Gunnar Sneyking RobotVice Lil_Nick


  • Group Stage
    • Lelis: 3-0
    • BSJ: 1-2
    • monkeys-forever: 1-2
    • ppd: 1-2
  • Finals



Place Team Prize
Win Team XBOCT $40,000
Loss Team AdmiralBulldog $10,000


Team AdmiralBulldog Team XBOCT
Gorgc Dragneel_FH
Youri “YouYou” Scoquart Iceberg
AdmiralBulldog XBOCT
Maxime “Namax” Chavalle ALOHADANCE
Snowfox NS


Team AdmiralBulldog vs. Team XBOCT: XBOCT 3-0

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