TimTheTatman does sponsored stream for upcoming Pete Davidson movie, The King of Staten Island

TimTheTatman had a sponsored stream today, but it wasn’t like the typical sponsored content you’ve come to expect from the streamer. Today, he promoted Pete Davidson’s new movie, The King of Staten Island.

Many people are used to seeing streamers get sponsored to play a particular game for a few hours, but it’s not all that frequently that a content creator will be enlisted to promote a movie. 

For Tim today, the ad stream wasn’t too different from what you might expect. After adding the #ad and the movie’s name to his stream title, Tim went about his typical business for the most part.

But instead of spending his time in between rounds of Call of Duty: Warzone joking around with his friends or chat, he was showing viewers behind-the-scenes clips and talking about the movie that comes out this Friday, June 12 (on demand instead of in theaters presumably due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic). 

From 2pm to 4pm CT, Tim played various clips about the movie. He also said he saw the movie early as a part of this promotion. While Tim said he liked the movie, he was tight-lipped about details from it because he didn’t want to spoil it. 

The King of Staten Island is a semi-autobiographical story about Davidson, who grew up in Staten Island and lost his father during 9/11. The coming-of-age movie is listed as both a comedy and a drama.

Along with giving his audience some special footage, Tim spent his stream time with a poster advertisement of the movie displayed during the sponsored period. His lead moderator was also tasked with handing out 15 codes granting viewers free access to the movie when it comes out.

His channel also still has a poster advertisement for the movie in the first and most prominent panel below where his broadcasts can be seen.

This isn’t Tim’s first experience with non-endemic advertisements. During the Super Bowl this year, he appeared in the NFL’s “Take it to the house, kid” commercial prior to the game’s kickoff. He’s also worked with companies like Hershey’s in the past to promote new candy bar releases.

Tim’s six-hour stream today averaged 29,790 viewers, peaking at 37,283. While he was doing his sponsored content, the stream hovered around a little more than 31,000 viewers during the last two hours of his stream.  

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