The Packers will use all of ’em

Steve from Middletown, KY

Barring injury, Davante Adams will have another great year. However, I expect to see more double teams on him. Will there need to be better schemes to get him open? He obviously takes the pressure off the other receivers. So, if our No. 2 receiver has close to a 1,000-yard year, will the team be successful?

Sure, but why must it be a No. 2 receiver? What about if Aaron Jones has 1,600 total yards? Or Jace Sternberger and Robert Tonyan combine for 800 yards and 10 TDs? It’s not one position or one player. It’s the team. If the Packers develop enough weapons, defenses won’t have the luxury of isolating on Adams.

Nathan from Philadelphia, PA

This draft seems to show that Gutekunst subscribes to the same philosophy as Ted Thompson: draft for the long-term rewards, even if you don’t meet your short-term needs. The past two years of free agency seem to show that Gutekunst is much more willing than his predecessor to bring in a reasonably priced veteran to make sure those needs aren’t too pressing in the short term.

Regardless of whom the Packers drafted, it’s not going to be easy for a rookie to step right in and start in this climate. From that perspective, I think Gutekunst did the right thing in signing Christian Kirksey, Rick Wagner and Devin Funchess. With those three moves, he bought time for the young players at those positions to develop.

Jeremy from St. Petersburg, FL

Hey guys, I am a huge Iowa Hawkeye fan and was excited for Josh Jackson to join the Packers. He hasn’t made a big impact yet. What is keeping him from doing so in terms of skill and play?

I remain extremely high on Jackson’s long-term potential. I know how disappointing last year was for Jackson but I think how he handled it spoke volumes about his character. He didn’t whine. He didn’t complain. He just worked and that work will show. Jackson needs to stay healthy, play the ball and trust his instincts. That’s what made him a second-round pick.

Most fans and media were surprised the Packers didn’t take a WR in the first three rounds. Even ESPN took a shot at them on Day 3 when they flashed across the bottom of the screen “59% of WR snaps in 2019 were from undrafted players.” Other than Tee Higgins still being available in the first round, it seemed like the best available WR was taken a few picks before them in Round 1-3 (Brandon Aiyuk at 25, Denzel Mims at 59, and Devin Duvernay at 92). It seems like it would have been worth it to move up for one of them.

Brian Gutekunst said the Packers had a number of receivers they were high on but the board didn’t fall that way for Green Bay. Some fans wanted to draft Mims at 30 but I felt like that was way too high. Unfortunately, Mims came off the board a few spots before the Packers couldn’t gotten optimum value in the second round.

With the draft over, instead of second-guessing and trying to grade this one before the players hit the field, how do you grade the 2016 draft class? Since it is hard to really tell if the player is truly a gem (Clay Matthews) or a bust (Jamal Reynolds).

I would grade the 2016 NFL Draft as a solid B. Jason Spriggs didn’t work out, but Kenny Clark, Blake Martinez, Dean Lowry and Kyler Fackrell were solid picks. The defense is better today for drafting those four players.

I have a hard time imagining that a player of Jordan Love’s talent was just brought in to sit, learn, and be QB2-3. Isn’t it possible – especially in the new NFL – that his talent will be used cleverly, smartly, somewhere, somehow on the field this season?

Never say never but Love is here to play quarterback. There were tons of other gadget players the Packers could’ve drafted if that’s the direction they wanted to go.

Dave from Lake Zurich, IL

There’s a nasty virus going around. It’s called Widereceiveritis-20. It is particularly damaging to the brain’s thought process. Young, fantasy football players are said to be the most vulnerable to the virus.

Comment of the day, no – comment of the week.

Scott from Diamond Bluff, WI

If the run defense is just a few schematic changes away, why didn’t they just make said changes/adjustments last year when needed?

Because not every adjustment happens out on the course. Sometimes you gotta get back to the clubhouse to figure out why you keep missing that 8-foot putt. Once all the games are played, the coaches review the season at the macro level. By all accounts, the Packers found something that leads them to believe the run defense isn’t far away from the goal.

Albert from Crystal Falls, MI

I like what I saw from QB Tim Boyle last preseason. I realize Boyle was drafted when Mike McCarthy was coach, but do you think QB Love was drafted because he is better than Boyle, or is because ML wanted his style of QB?

Love was drafted because he’s a fine prospect. It’s nothing more than that, and this summer, he’ll compete with Boyle for that No. 2 job.

Dave from Gainesville, VA

I believe the “Stay at home” rules have gotten to David Bakhtiari. I do not believe I’ll ever get the tub image out of my head. Glad to see Bak has a sense of humor close to my own.

A very funny video that ended with a cool welcoming message.

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