The 5 biggest losers of the 2020 Draft

The 2020 NFL Draft is officially over, which means we can start analyzing each team’s weekend.

It’s always fun to try and determine who had the best drafts, and who fell flat on their face. So today, we’re going to try to decide who the five biggest losers of the 2020 NFL Draft were.

Just a quick note: we’re only talking about teams. We won’t be talking about players (like if someone surprisingly lost their starting job due to a draft pick).

Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

5. Chicago Bears

This draft had a few massive winners and a bunch of teams that had a solid draft. They also had some real losers.

The Chicago Bears weren’t massive losers. They just get stuck on this list because of the high number of teams that had a “good” draft. Chicago’s wasn’t terrible, but it was certainly below average.

It all started with their first pick when they took tight end Cole Kmet in the second round. Kmet is a great talent and well worthy of an early pick, but the Bears now have 10 tight ends. Seriously, TEN tight ends.

While none of them are superstars, they are more then serviceable (they just spent a decent chunk of money on Jimmy Graham for instance).

Clearly there were much bigger needs to fill.

Chicago had a great second pick (cornerback Jaylon Johnson) and a sneaky good pick in the fifth round (cornerback Kindle Vildor). The rest of the draft was very “eh” though. With that said, it certainly wasn’t enough to make up for them taking a tight end to add to their collection with their first pick.

Not a dreadful draft, but bad enough to crack the top-5 worst of 2020.

4. Seattle Seahawks

Okay, now we’re getting into “bad” territory.

The Seattle Seahawks needed help at wide receiver, but they took just one (Freddie Swain in the sixth round). They took just one offensive lineman and got no pure defensive tackle. They also did nothing to bolster their secondary.

Meanwhile, they used the 27th overall pick on Jordyn Brooks. Yes, he’s a very good outside linebacker and could be a great addition, but he was a bit of a reach in that spot. Seattle likely could have traded down and gotten him a little later.

The Seahawks had no “wow” good picks, so the fact that they had a few head-scratchers is amplified even more as there is nothing to offset them.

Seattle might be in the toughest division in the NFL in the NFC West. The San Francisco 49ers didn’t have a big draft, but they traded picks for superstar left tackle Trent Williams.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals both had good weekends. Considering this, Seattle not making the right moves really stings.

3. Houston Texans

A bad NFL offseason got worse for the Houston Texans during the draft.

To be fair, their first pick (second round) of Ross Blacklock was really nice. He’s a talented defensive lineman that fills a need.

They had just four picks after that though, and they didn’t really do anything with them. A bunch of development projects, and a few of them with quite a ways to go.

The Texans did themselves no favors with this draft, especially with all the bad press coming their way after trading superstar wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins for a very weak return.

At least they signed Laremy Tunsil to a contract extension. That was some good news this draft weekend for Houston.

2. New England Patriots

Now we’re in the “truly dreadful” territory. And honestly, it was a toss-up and the top two teams could easily be flipped.

The New England Patriots had two pretty obvious needs entering the draft at both quarterback and wide receiver. They got zero of both.

A few of their picks were very solid, but with 10 overall, far too few of them were positive. Not getting any quarterbacks or receivers really hurts, too.

Add in the fact that the Patriots got zero true defensive tackles (just one defensive lineman in total).

This is Bill Belichick we’re talking about though. He’s liable to make a bad draft an incredible one. That’s why they get the number two spot instead of number one.

As of right now though, this was not the draft Patriots fans likely wanted to see after Tom Brady went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Rob Gronkowski came out of retirement to go with him.

1. Green Bay Packers

Yikes. I mean, just … yikes.

The Packers traded up in the first round, from 30 to 26, to draft Jordan Love.

I know what the argument for him is: the Packers took Aaron Rodgers in the first round when they had a star quarterback (Brett Favre). So why can’t they do the same thing now and find Rodgers’ successor while he’s still there.

Rodgers is only 36 though, and they traded up for Love. There’s a legitimate chance that by the time Love’s rookie contract is up, Rodgers is still playing.

Then the Packers wasted a pick on someone they might never even use. This could get messy.

What’s worse, Green Bay went 13-3 last season. Adding a few pieces and maybe they make the Super Bowl.

The biggest position of need? Wide receiver. Green Bay took literally zero.

They took a running back (A.J. Dillion) in the second despite having Aaron Jones, then a tight end (Josiah Deguara) in the third despite using a third on one (Jace Sternberger) just last season.

Green Bay added some offensive line depth and a few nice pieces on defense. None of the picks made anyone all that excited though. Couple that with the fact that they didn’t take a wide receiver and traded up for a quarterback with Rodgers still there, and this was just bad.

A 13-3 record last year and you would swear they were trying to rebuild with this draft. Are the Packers really going to waste the last few years they have with one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all-time?

I’ll say it one final time … Yikes.

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