Spotify rolls out Premium Duo subscription for couples

Spotify’s family plan has proven to be a popular choice for households that have multiple subscribers living under the same roof, but today, Spotify is announcing a new subscription plan aimed specifically at couples. Dubbed Spotify Premium Duo, this seems to function more or less like a family plan, but Spotify says that it provides some “unique benefits for couples.”

You’ll also get a discount over the standard monthly cost of the family plan with Premium Duo. While Spotify’s family plan runs $14.99 per month, Premium Duo costs $12.99 – just a few bucks more than the $9.99 Spotify charges for individual Premium accounts. So, if you and your partner are splitting a family plan, it definitely seems worthwhile to switch to Premium Duo.

Each person on a Premium Duo account will get their own Premium account, which means they’ll be able to maintain separate libraries, playlists, and stations. These days, it wouldn’t be a Spotify announcement without a mention of podcasts somewhere, and sure enough, Spotify says that more than 1 million podcasts are available to each Premium Duo subscriber as well.

And what of those “unique benefits” Spotify mentioned? Premium Duo subscribers will get access to a new playlist called Duo Mix, which is a regularly-updated playlist that takes the listening tastes of both subscribers into account. It sounds like a perfect solution when both people are want to play DJ in the car.

Spotify says that it’s launching Premium Duo in 55 markets today, but doesn’t clarify which markets those are. If you want to sign up, you can head over to Spotify account page and change your subscription – if you’re upgrading from an existing Premium account, all of your saved music, playlists, podcasts, and recommendations will come with you. Just keep in mind that both users need to be living at the same address to be eligible for Premium Duo.

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