Ryan Seacrest Admits That He Still Has Some Growing up to Do

Seacrest sparked health concerns when he appeared on the live finale of American
. The busy television personality looked a little harried and was
having difficulty following prompts. The following day, he didn’t appear on Live
with Kelly and Ryan
, further prompting fears that something was very
wrong. His representative issued a public statement to inform the masses that
Seacrest was physically fine but feeling overworked amid the Coronavirus
lockdown. Seacrest’s busy schedule is no secret, and the 45-year-old host has
spoken eloquently about his need to find a better work-life balance. He even suggested
he needed to find a way to “grow up.”

Ryan Seacrest thinks he needs to grow up

At one point, Seacrest was the busiest
television personality in the industry. He’s still one of the most active men
in Hollywood. Between his responsibilities with American Idol and Live
with Kelly and Ryan
, he has found himself jetting between New York and Los Angeles
regularly. Seacrest also has a skincare line, a fashion line, and he has worked
as an executive producer on multiple shows. That doesn’t mean he feels
fulfilled or feels like a real “adult,” though. In an oddly introspective
moment, Seacrest even suggested he needs to grow up.

Ryan Seacrest arrives to the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards
Ryan Seacrest | Kevork Djansezian/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

During an interview for the
Awards Chatter podcast, he said that perhaps he needs to grow up a
little bit and figure out a way to strike a proper work-life balance. Seacrest,
who was just 27 when he started working on American Idol, claims he was
always enamored with getting more out of his professional life. While he has been
wildly successful in that respect, his personal life has suffered. He even
suggested his workaholic nature might be the reason why he has yet to marry.

How did Ryan Seacrest meet Shayna Taylor

Although Seacrest is unmarried at 45, he’s not exactly
playing the field. In fact, he’s
been in an on-again-off-again relationship with Shayna Taylor for the last six
years. The pair first met at a restaurant in Los Angeles back in 2013. Taylor,
then just 21, was dining with friends when Seacrest’s friends approached her.
She told Good
that his pals asked her a series of questions before Seacrest

Did Ryan Seacrest and Girlfriend Shayna Taylor Break Up?

Taylor claims she didn’t initially think he was romantically
interested in her, although she never explains why that was the case. In any
event, the pair ended up hitting it off and have been seeing each other off-and-on
since. After years of long-distance romance, Taylor made the cross country move
to join Seacrest in New York. The couple sparked engagement rumors in February
2020, but there appears to be no truth to those rumors. At the very least, Taylor
doesn’t seem to be sporting an engagement ring.

Is Ryan Seacrest ready to get married?

Seacrest’s fans have long wondered why the successful TV personality
has yet to settle down, and it looks like his recent musing about needing to
grow up might answer those questions. Seacrest has admitted he has never been
at a point where he felt like popping the question, but he’s not opposed to it.

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He has praised Kelly
Ripa and her longlasting marriage to Mark Consuelos in the past and has
suggested he’s not opposed to the notion of marriage. In fact, he has openly
stated that he could see himself getting married at some point. Whether or not
Taylor is that one remains to be seen, though.

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