Report: Ubisoft to Release First Battle Royale Named Hyper Scape

Ubisoft is all set to set foot in the battle royale world with their new game “Hyper Scape” and the company is really ambitious about it. The game is code-named “Prisma Dimensions” and is a fast-paced FPS Battle Royale. Rod “Slasher” Breslau, eSports analyst and journalist, posted a tweet about this.

Although Ubisoft is no stranger to multiplayer titles, this is the first Battle Royale under their banner. Ubisoft is determined to make this big with strategies and features. It is almost as if Ubisoft was watching how things work out with the other Battle Royale titles out there before coming in hot with their BR title.

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Ubisoft is making this game with streamers in mind

Breslau adds, as a reply to his previous tweet, that Ubisoft is building this game with streamers in mind. This game will have a full partnership with Twitch. Ubisoft will integrate Twitch into the game in levels that they claim have never been seen before with a big game. Twitch chat will be able to impact the game live with game-changing events, among other things.

He also says in the tweet that the ones watching the stream will have the possibility of winning Twitch drops and the streamers will earn their revenue from bits purchases.

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Ubisoft has already invited a lot of streamers and eSports pros to get a first look and test the game. It is these streamers and pros who will be releasing the first look at the game.

Although Ubisoft claims Hyper Scape to be the first game to have this level of integration with Twitch, some gamers cannot help but point out that Scavengers Studio did this already with their Battle Royale game, Darwin Project.

Hyper Scape set to fully launch in July

Hyper Scape is a sci-fi Battle Royale FPS set in a futuristic virtual world. Ubisoft will be releasing this game on both PC and consoles. However, the console launch will happen later this year (right around the time PS5 and Xbox Series X hit the market). The game is also expected to support crossplay across platforms. The game is set to enter closed beta next week. The full launch of the game is set to be on the 12th of July.

Despite all the complaints against it, Ubisoft is known to deliver interesting games over the years. With this new battle royale, it will be expanding its horizons into a new gameplay structure. Will Hyper Scape bring something new to the table? We’ll make sure to let you know as soon as we find out more about this game.

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