Qualcomm Announces New FastConnect Wi-Fi 6E Solutions

Qualcomm very recently announced two new Wi-Fi 6E solutions for the mobile market. The products are the FastConnect 6900 and FastConnect 6700.


As per Qualcomm’s official statement, both the FastConnect 6700 and 6900 are designed to deliver average Wi-Fi connectivity speeds of 3Gbps, with the latter expected to reach 3.6Gbps. More importantly, these features are designed to work in tandem with the 6GHz band, and the addition of 160Mhz channels support should “dramatically” expand throughput and reduce network congestion.

On the subject of the FastConnect 6900, the new Wi-Fi 6E solution has also been given a 4-stream dual-band Simultaneous (DBS), as well as multi-band capabilities. There’s also the implementation of a new Wi-Fi 6 Uplink MU-MIMO capability that Qualcomm says can increase network capacity by approximately 2.5 times than current MU-MIMO solutions.

Besides Wi-Fi 6 solutions, the new FastConnect 6700 and 6900 also introduce Bluetooth 5.2 and the advanced wireless audio features that are present with it. This includes a second antenna integrated into the two solutions. That also have intelligent switching capabilities. As they are Qualcomm products, both the 6700 and 6900 are naturally equipped with the brand’s aptX audio technology, specifically, aptX Adaptive and aptX Voice.

At the time of writing, Qualcomm did not say when its FastConnect 6700 and 6900 will see deployment. Having said that, we can probably look forward to seeing the solutions being deployed in the next round of high-end smartphones.

(Source: Qualcomm // Image: Mi Community)

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