PS5 UI Reveal Teased for October 15 by… Burger King

Something PS5 related is happening on October 15th. We know this thanks to, of all things, the Burger King Twitter account. The tease, which doesn’t mention the PS5 or Sony directly, features the text “do Whopper sandwiches normally do this? [sic]” above a video. The 15-second clip shows the iconic King character from the BK ads looking in a large Burger King bag. A blue light shines out onto his face as a distinct tone plays. He looks around and then opens the bag again. Again, the blue light and tone. As he picks up the bag and walks away, the text 10/15 is revealed. October 15th.

To the average person, this tease might be rather confusing, but for anyone who’s been following PS5 news and eagerly awaiting the PS5 UI reveal, that tone was immediately familiar. It’s the same tone from Sony’s brief PS5 UI and startup tease back during the PS5 reveal in June.

Yes, Home of the Whopper, “would you like fries with that?” fast food chain Burger King might have the scoop on the PS5 UI reveal.

Check out the teaser below:

Compare it with the short teaser Sony did of the PS5 UI by showing the boot-up sequence:

In all likelihood, Sony and Burger King are probably going to be running a promo. It’s not an unusual move to see fast food joints promoting consoles. Taco Bell has teamed up with both Sony (multiple times) and Microsoft, currently running a promo to win an Xbox Series X. This isn’t even the first time Sony’s partnered with the King before. However, this one does seem like a bit of a deep cut, with only the iconic blue light and distinct (but niche) startup sound in the video to hint that this has anything to do with the PlayStation 5. Though if there was any doubt at all, the PlayStation Twitter account basically dispelled it:

Sure, this might just be as boring as “Eat at Burger King, maybe win a PS5.” But Sony and Burger King could be tying the introduction of the promotion into one of the most anticipated next-gen reveals: the PS5 UI. With the full PS5 console teardown released last week, the PS5 UI, OS, and user experience is one of the biggest puzzle pieces yet to fall into place. We know it has to be coming soon, and Sony loves to do Thursday streams, so could the Burger King tease foreshadow the PS5 UI reveal while also promoting this whopper of a partnership. We’ll know more come October 15th.

What do you think the big tease is? Will we finally see the PS5 UI? Let us know your thoughts (and how many Whoppers you plan to eat to get a PS5) in the comments below.

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