Prey VR Listed, Then Removed For PSVR By UK Retailer

A UK retailer has listed, then promptly removed Prey VR for PSVR on its website.

Twitter news account Nibel originally reported the listing, which we saw with our own eyes and screencapped below. It’s since been taken down, though it only contained a placeholder packshot. We reached out to Prey publisher Bethesda earlier today but the company hadn’t replied by the time of publication. It wouldn’t be the first time a new Bethesda game has leaked via a retailer, though.

Prey VR Listing

If there’s any validity to the listing — which a quick search on Wayback Machine confirms was created today — it doesn’t necessarily mean a full port of Arkane Studios’ 2017 revival is on the way. Prey actually already got some small VR support in the form of a bonus escape room-style mode and, later on, support for headsets in its Typhoon Hunter multiplayer mode. They were fun, if insignificant little additions to the main game.

We’d most likely expect this to be a repackaging of the game with its VR modes clearly marked out, then.

Then again, it’s possible that these modes stemmed from the team’s own work getting the full game to work in VR. Prey is an expansive first-person role-playing game that would definitely work well inside headsets. It’s mix Bioshock-style combat and atmosphere is perfectly suited. Whatsmore, Arkane was also behind last year’s Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot, so the team is certainly experienced with the tech. If there is any truth to it, we’d expect to see it on PC VR devices, too.

All the same, we wouldn’t get too excited until we hear something official. Would you play Prey VR? Let us know in the comments below!

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