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Philadelphian fashion designer Prajjé Oscar Jean Baptiste’s career accolades include prominent runways, high-profile red carpets, and well-known fashion publications.

Now, after a small hiatus, Prajjé is offering a new line of luxury masks with vibrant prints and quality fabrics. There will be four different versions available: Ready to wear, couture, sportswear, and the basic cotton mask.

The Haitian-born designer is a community activist, working largely for gay rights, especially in Haiti. When Prajje’s birth parents tragically passed away at a young age, he was raised by his grandmother, who was an herbal medicinist. At the age of 13, Prajje was adopted by a white mother and moved to Boston.

A trip to Haiti as an adult inspired Prajjé to incorporate his traditions into the foundation of his brand.

The limited edition “Revolution 1804” silk scarf and mask is a good example of that. The matching set commemorates the Haitian Revolution and features the leader of the free slaves Toussaint L’ouverture. The print also features “Maitresse” by world-renowned Haitian artist Philippe Dodard.

Prajje tells us as a black, gay designer the most important task at hand is Black Lives Matter.

He says he uses his social platforms as a way to facilitate social reform and to seek justice for George Floyd, also joining the protests on the streets of Philly.

As for the future, he tells us a virtual fashion show is in the works for the end of the summer, that he will continue the momentum on the Black Lives Matter movement, and he’s also looking for a date.

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