‘No Man’s Sky’ Takes on ‘Aliens’ Vibes With Latest Update

Admittedly, Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky isn’t quite horror all the way, but in the latest update, there’s certainly cause for it. Not only do you get to scavenge haunted wreckages of derelict freighters, you also get to battle some alien infestations. And yes, just like Aliens, you can also get a mech suit.

The Desolation update, which is available now, introduces procedurally-generated derelict freighters, with no two interiors the same. You’ll not only have to deal with potential alien problems, but the security AI, as well. The update also introduces The Minotaur, an exo mech that allows you to traverse and explore planetary surfaces.

Along with those goodies, the game has seen its lighting effects updated with better bloom and lens flares, as well as a few other tweaks. You can check out the patch notes via the official site.

No Man’s Sky is available on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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