Nintendo Direct format could evolve, president Shuntaro Furukawa says

Image via Nintendo

Although Nintendo Directs are still considered a powerful form of communication for the video game giant, the Direct format could evolve in the future, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa told shareholders, which translated by VGC.

“We feel Nintendo Directs are an incredibly effective way to present information directly to our customers in a very straight-forward way,” Furukawa said. “Inversely, times change and so does the most effective way to promote products, so there is a chance that a new, better way to present this information comes about. So we always like to examine all of the possible ways to communicate this information to customers.”

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Nintendo pushed back its Direct originally scheduled for June due to lockdown measures to curb the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan after E3 was cancelled. Even before the E3 cancellation, many discussions sparked debates on the interest for AAA developers to gather in a sole event alongside other high-profile companies of the industry.

Nintendo hasn’t hosted a proper Direct in more than 10 months, with the last one dating back to September 2019. It has released videos focused on single games, such as Pokémon Sword & Shield and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, however.

According to Venture Beat and VGC sources, there won’t be another Nintendo Direct until late August or the beginning of September.

President Furukawa also said the company canceled every physical event this year. As a result, the developer is investigating other ways to reveal its next games to the world.

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