Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Fans Blast Prince Charles Claiming He ‘Did Absolutely Nothing’ To Protect Them

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry fans are not happy with Prince Charles. The Prince of Wales just released a new video message highlighting the importance of the “diversity of our society,” a move that sparked serious outrage on social media. Not only did some fans blast Charles for not being more welcoming of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, but they also slammed him for not speaking out when she and Harry were “bullied” by the press. 

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Prince Charles highlights diversity in a recent speech

Charles took a lot of heat for posting a video message in honor
of Windrush Day. In the clip, Charles praised diversity in society and told
listeners that this is our “greatest strength and gives us so much to

He went on to encourage people to have an open heart and learn from each other’s perspectives. The video was meant to celebrate the Caribbean population in the United Kingdom and recognize their contribution to society.

“Today, as we honor the legacy of the Windrush generation
and the invaluable contribution of black people in Britain, I dearly hope that
we can continue to listen to each other’s stories and to learn from one
another,” Charles shared.

The video message came shortly after Charles’ first public appearance in months. The Prince of Wales visited a hospital with his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles. Prior to the appearance, the two had been hunkering down at his Scottish estate amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Although Charles’ message was positive, some fans were quick to
put him on blast in the comments section. Most of these royal watchers were
fans of Meghan and Harry and believe that Charles should have made a stronger
stand of support for the couple when they were still members of the royal

Fans blast the Prince of Wales for not protecting Meghan Markle

Following the video, several people criticized Charles for being a hypocrite and using “empty words.” Most of these comments were directed at Charles’ lack of support for Meghan, who openly struggled with bullying by members of the media.

“These are just empty words. That’s rich coming from you. I don’t think you
believe them,” one fan noted. “If you did you would not have sat
silently by and let the Br. Media crucify Meghan, your daughter in law and the
only example of diversity in your family.”

Other fans rightly pointed out that Meghan is probably about as “diverse” as the royal family will ever get. They believe that if Prince Charles is serious about celebrating diversity then he would have done a better job showing that with Meghan.

Meghan opened up about her struggles with the press in an ITV interview last fall. Harry has also released several statements blasting the media for how they treated Meghan, which includes targeting her based on race and gender.

That said, Charles was one of the first members of the royal
family to develop a close bond with Meghan. When her father, Thomas Markle,
failed to show up for her wedding in 2018, for example, Charles walked her down
the aisle in a show of support.

Charles has not responded to the slew of negative comments about
his recent video.

Prince Charles develops a close bond with Prince William

Meghan and Harry, of course, are no longer a part of the royal
family. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped down from their posts at the end
of March and are now living in Los Angeles with their son, Archie Harrison.

With Harry striking out on his own, one royal expert claims that
Charles has become even closer to his oldest son, Prince William.

According to Express,
royal expert Camilla Tominey says that Charles and William started to grow
closer amid the drama with Harry and Meghan. As tensions between the Sussexes
and the Cambridges rose, Charles and William teamed up in search of a solution.

“Behind palace gates, Charles was increasingly involving William in his decision making – much to the chagrin of Harry who felt pushed out by their ‘away days’ to Duchy of Cornwall estates,” Tominey shared.

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Harry and Meghan, of course, eventually had enough of the drama and declared their separation from the royal family at the beginning of the year. While Harry’s relationship with his family remains a mystery, Charles recently mentioned him in a heartfelt Father’s Day post.

In honor of Father’s Day, Charles shared two photos on social media. The first image was dated to 1951 and showed Prince Philip carrying a young Charles. The second pic was taken back in 2004 and shows Harry and William proudly standing with their father at the Cirencester Park Polo Cup.

“Whether you are a father, a Dad, a Daddy or a Pa, wishing
you a Happy Father’s
Day!” Prince Charles captioned the image.

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