Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s lavish home gym revealed

 Jennifer Lopez ,  Alex Rodriguez , and their children have been entertaining fans during lockdown with fun viral challenges and cute family games. In the lovely videos, we have been able to appreciate, not only  Emme ’s impressive sports skills but also the exquisite decoration of the Miami family home, the well-kept garden, and the crystal-water swimming pool, but there’s another very important area of the house we haven’t seen so far… till now.

Alex Rodriguez gave us a good look at the couple’s immaculate home gym when he shared a video of his fiancée working out. Jennifer shows off her famous curves and natural hair in flattering grey workout gear while doing some serious arm exercises with hand weights. The ample space is flooded with natural light from the big windows overlooking the garden, which is also reflected by the mirrored walls that help the famous couple exercise and improve their posture.

Jennifer Lopez works out at home©arod
Jennifer Lopez showing off her curves and natural hair at her gym

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