Iron Man 3 Concept Art Reveals Sleek Dark Iron Suit Design

Marvel’s Director of Visual Development, Andy Park, gives fans an inside look at his original concept design for an Iron Man 3 suit.

Marvel concept artist Andy Park reveals a sleek, inventive design for Iron Man’s Mark XVI suit that would have appeared in Iron Man 3. Park had worked on almost every single MCU movie before being promoted to Marvel’s Director of Visual Development in 2015.

Iron Man 3 featured a variety of suits that came together in the action-packed ending. Most are designed for specific purposes such as Igor (Mark XXXVIII) that is built purely for its strength, or the Autonomous Prehensile Propulsion Suit (Mark XLII) which is Tony Stark’s primary suit for the film. Although the suits don’t live past this film, they briefly gave audiences an idea of the different types of suits Stark is capable of building. While fans have seen dozens of the suits in Iron Man 3, a new one has just been revealed.

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Park recently released his concept suit for Iron Man 3 on his Instagrampresenting a modern black design that fans never got to witness on screen. While this was Park’s original color scheme, he explained in a previous post that the colors were changed to red and gold since the colors were more noticeable during night scenes.

Park is no stranger to having his original concept designs not make it to the big screen. Park will often showcase his artwork to fans on social media, regardless of how close it is to the final product. He has been behind many original groundbreaking concept arts, such as Black Panther’s first Marvel appearance in Captain America Civil War. Park’s most recent work will be displayed to audiences in Black Widowwhich is scheduled to be released this November. Park’s work has him designing art for all kinds of Marvel’s heroes, villains, and creatures, and will make him a key player in the design of Marvel’s Phase 4.

Marvel characters have a rich history with a wide array of outfits, colors, and themes that they can include in the films. Sometimes Park’s concept art is passed over for something that looks more like the comics, but it makes sense why this suit was passed over for other reasons. Despite this version of Iron Man’s suit looking quite sleek, it would have been hard for audiences to see since a good portion of Iron Man 3 takes place at night. In short, while fans may find Park’s concept art stunning or at least visually pleasing, it may not always be the best thing to go with on the big screen.

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