Iowa football: Former players speak out against racial disparities

‘Iowa Culture’

Former Iowa players took to Twitter on Friday to paint a picture of Iowa football for black players:

“There are too many racial disparities in the Iowa football program. Black players have been treated unfairly for far too long,” former offensive lineman James Daniels tweeted. It was the first tweet in a thread that also noted Iowa “has realized these problems and things are being done.”

Black players learned to “conform to white culture” when in the football facility, former running back Toren Young tweeted before deleting it. And former defensive back Amani Hooker tweeted it was “difficult for black players to walk around the facility and be themselves.”

“I remember when I used to wear my tank tops in the facility, I used to get called in the coaches office because I had too much tattoos and it wasn’t the ‘Iowa culture’ or the ‘Iowa Way,’” former defensive back Marcel Joly tweeted.

“I am saddened to hear these comments from some of our former players,” Ferentz responded. “While I wish they had reached out to us directly, I am thankful that these players decided to share their experiences now. As I said earlier this week, the best way to affect change is by listening. I have started reaching out to them on an individual basis to hear their stories first hand.”

NCAA drops hammer

Thirty-two months after the FBI announced an investigation in corruption in college basketball, the NCAA dropped their first hammer on Friday, levying heavy sanctions upon Oklahoma State that went far beyond common sense.

The Cowboys, alleged by the NCAA to have committed one Level I violation, received a 2020–21 postseason ban, reduction of three total scholarships from 2020–23, reduction of recruiting visits (and several other recruiting penalties), and, among other things, three years of probation.

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