Hungrybox, Team Liquid are making The Box into a weekly Super Smash Bros. tournament

After the massive success that was The Box, Hungrybox and Team Liquid are expanding the format by breaking it up into two events. 

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players can now look forward to competing in a weekly tournament, The Juice Box, and a smaller, subscriber-only tournament called The Lunchbox at the end of each month. 

The layout is as simple as it sounds, as The Juice Box will be open to all competitors from North Americ. Registration is live now and pools are set to begin at 5pm CT on June 3 for the launch tournament. 

Each tournament will have a grand prize of $100, with the winner taking home the entire pool and all tournament sets being a best-of-three until the Top 8, which will then swap over to best-of-five. A full list of rules, including internet requirements and disqualification notices, can be viewed on the event’s page. 

The main stream for The Juice Box will be hosted on the official Team Liquid Twitch channel, but all players are encouraged to stream their own matches live if they have the capability. This will be run every Wednesday at 5pm CT until further notice. 

As for The Lunch Box, this will be a more exclusive event with only subscribers being allowed to sign up to compete. It is unclear if this means players will need to subscribe to Hbox or Team Liquid’s channel as of now, but because this requires an entry fee of sorts, the prize pool will probably be higher than the usual $100. 

More information about both events, including player caps and other important tidbits should be released closer to the June 3 launch tournament. 

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