How to invite your friends to raids in Pokémon Go

Raid Invites are about to hit Pokémon Go, meaning you will be able to invite any of your friends to participate in events no matter where they live in the world.

This is the next step in Niantic trying to open the doors for global play in Pokémon Go alongside the previous release of Remote Raid Passes. 

Originally, Niantic listed that only players who were present in-person at a raid site would be able to invite friends, but now the developers have clarified, saying Remote Raids would be able to send invites. This feature will be available right from launch, but will be removed in the future once the current global health climate allows for more in-person interaction for Pokémon Go players again. 

That lines up with Niantic’s view on the entire Remote Raid system, as players participating remotely currently have all of the same benefits as someone playing locally, but in the future, they will have reduced stats as to promote players getting out into the community again. 

Up to five players can be invited to participate in a raid through Raid Invites, and each of them will need to use a Raid Pass once the raid begins to join in, not when they join the lobby. Players can only send and receive invites if they are friends with the other players they are trying to join or invite. 

Once the feature is live, a new plus button icon will appear in public and private raid lobbies. By tapping it, you can invite up to five friends to join that specific raid, regardless of where each player lives. Raid invitations will appear on a player’s Nearby screen and in their push notification bar.

Other limitations could also apply, but for now, the entire process is very straightforward and easy to use. 

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