Here are the best Legends of Runeterra streamers to watch on Twitch

Riot Games’ digital card game, Legends of Runeterra, continues to grow in popularity on Twitch.

With the launch of LoR and the new Rising Tides expansion, players are seeking consistent streamers they can learn from and enjoy watching on a daily basis. From crafting top-tier meta decks to “chilling” and playing for fun, here are the best LoR streamers that everyone should be watching. 

Sean “Swimstrim” Huguenard

Swimstrim has been playing CCGs since 1993. Most notably known by Gwent players as a master of deckbuilding, Swimstrim switched over to LoR at the open beta release and now is one of the most-watched streamers. He even launched his own website, offering decklists and tips for crafting the ideal constructed deck in ranked. 

Miguel “MegaM0gwai” Guerrero

Mogwai was also at one time a dedicated Gwent streamer who transitioned over to MTG Arena and was good enough to compete against the best Magic pros in the world at Mythic Championship VII. Upon the release of LoR into open beta, Mogwai switched over to Riot’s new game.

Similar to Swimstrim, Mogwai has a knack for deckbuilding and is never shy about explaining his plays. He’s also interactive with chat throughout the stream and is entertaining. Viewers can always count on Mogwai to find fun and competitive decks to play on the ranked ladder.

AlanzqTFT’s viewership has grown rapidly since the open beta launch of LoR. He hit Masters in Europe early on and then again in NA just a week later with a powerful Karma/Lux build. The Team Liquid Teamfight Tactics player has shifted over to LoR, proving he’s a competitor to watch across multiple genres.

Ranked No. 1 in EU, AlanzqTFT was signed by Liquid last fall after dominating the ladder in TFT. He also competed in the first EU Creators Invitational, just missing the playoffs with a 3-2 record during the Swiss rounds. With the official release of LoR, Alanzq created almost 30 decks with his chat, explaining new cards and interactions throughout his launch day stream.

Saucymailman has one of the best Twitch names and he’s talented when it comes to playing CCGs. Most notably known for streaming Hearthstone, Saucymailman officially switched over to LoR with the open beta launch. Shortly after he was signed by Team Leviathan Gaming (TFG).

Saucy is the ideal “chill” streamer who isn’t afraid to experiment on stream with Teemo, Poro’s, and any other form of jank that chat is willing to throw at him. He’s also an ideal streamer to watch if new to the game, always answering questions from the chat and taking the time to explain interactions. Stop in and say “hello” to Saucy and he’ll always say “hi” back.

BruisedByGod, a champion Eternal player, switched over to playing and streaming LoR upon its open beta release. He’s been ranked first in NA Masters several times while also gaining a large following on Twitch.

Having created a handful of top-tier decks, like his most recent Garen Midrange build, BBG is a talented digital card player who isn’t afraid to share how to properly play his deck creations. For players who are seeking to improve their ladder rank, spend some time watching BBG navigate one Constructed deck after another, and your game is guaranteed to improve.

George “Hyped” Maganzini

Hyped is a competitive LoR player with Team Liquid who has years of esports experience under his belt. A former member of Tempo Storm, Hyped was on the pro-Heathstone circuit for three years before switching over Overwatch as the starting flex tank for the Immortals Team.

During the LoR open beta season, Hyped finished first in multiple community tournaments and is ready for when Riot launches Runeterra into the world of competitive esports. Hyped’s streams are always informative to watch as he climbs the ladder with all the “best decks,” which includes a few of his own.

Emanuel “ManuS” Sutor

With almost a decade of competitive MTG tabletop and Hearthstone experience, new and veteran players can benefit from watching ManuS. Always interactive during a stream, ManuS takes time to explain the necessary mechanics and skills needed to play ranked Constructed in LoR. Viewers can watch ManuS construct a variety of decks daily as he tests them out at the highest levels of ranked gameplay. He also does a rundown of the top decks that are dominating or disrupting the meta each week.

Update April 29 5:07pm CT: This article has been updated to reflect the best LoR streamers to watch with the launch of the Rising Tides expansion.

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