GTA 5 Is Free To Keep On Epic Games Store And There’s A Great VR Mod

You’ve probably heard the news by now, but if not, then today is your lucky day: Grand Theft Auto V, the open-world crime spree simulator that continues to top sales charts years later since its release, is 100% free to download and keep forever from the Epic Games Store right now until May 21st.

GTA V originally released back in 2013 and features one of the largest and most dynamic open worlds we’ve seen in a video game. The single-player campaign charts the stories of three separate individuals that you switch between across Los Santos, Rockstar’s satirical recreation of Los Angeles. There’s a massive and bustling online community as well for the MMO-esque half of the game, GTA Online.

Luckily for you, as a reader of our site that either owns a VR headset or is interested in the technology, you can play GTA V in VR on PC with little hassle by checking out this VR mod. We’ve tested it out and even livestreamed the experience. It’s far from perfect, but considering the game was never developed with VR support in mind it’s actually quite good.

First-person gameplay feels relatively good if you’re not overly sensitive to motion sickness, for the most part, and even though you’re playing with a game pad it still feels reasonably immersive, especially during fire fights or when driving vehicles.

There have been lots of rumors about Rockstar stepping into VR development more sometime soon following the success of LA Noire VR and the rumors of Red Dead Redemption 2 VR. Their games seem like perfect candidates.

Let us know if you decide to redeem GTA V on the Epic Games Store and what you think of the VR mod down in the comments below!

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