Fortnite players are trying to #SaveSaveTheWorld after Epic ends the gamemode’s Early Access

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Fortnite players are trying to rescue Save the World after Epic Games revealed that it would be brought out of early access. 

Earlier today in the latest Save the World development update, Epic said that the gamemode will remain a “premium experience” rather than going free to play, meaning that content production will be “slowed down”. Due to this change, Save the World won’t be able to support cosmetic purchases made in Battle Royale in a few months. 

Since Save the World is a player vs. entity gamemode it grew a small playerbase compared to its Battle Royale counterpart. However, fans hoped that it would grow significantly if the game was free and content could be added over time. 

In 2017, Epic Games said Save the World would be leaving early access in 2018 and would transition to free to play. Since the game is leaving early access in 2020 but retaining its price tag, players have criticized Epic Games. Shortly after the reveal the #SaveSaveTheWorld was the number one trend on Twitter, with fans hoping Epic reverts its decision. 

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This wasn’t the only issue players had, however. Epic said that the main story of Save the World was “complete” but players have argued the storyline was never finished. By contrast, Battle Royale’s story is going in-depth into Fortnite’s lore following The Device event earlier this month. 

It looks like fans have concluded that Save the World remains in the shadow of Fortnite Battle Royale.

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