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From planet-friendly fabrics to brands that give back, here’s Fashion Director Shelly Vella’s pick of the pieces to love right now

 High-street hits

Holding image: Ethically and sustainably made blouse, £99, and jeans, £99, Mother of Pearl x

From left: Vegan bag, £89.90,

Organic cotton top, £29.95,

Organic cotton jeans, £85,

3D-printed earrings made from 90 per cent sustainable materials, £29.99,

Sustainably sourced cotton coat, £175,

Recycled cotton jumper, £39.99,

Recycled polyester culottes, £55,

Plant-based fabric blazer, £74.99,

Organic cotton earrings, £35,

Tencel dress, £139, Mother of Pearl x

Organic cotton dress, £149,


High-end elegance 

Holding image: Sustainable viscose top, £325, and skirt, £395,

From top: Scarf, £39 (£1 goes to Save the Sea Campaign),

Sustainable wood sandals, £525,

Handmade recycled acrylic earrings, £38,

Dress made with wood pulp, £335,

Earring with ethically sourced stones, £156 for one,

Skirt made with specific cutting pattern to reduce waste, £475,

Wood pulp viscose dress, £280,

Naturally dyed shirt, £410,

Raw silk blouse, £248,

Hairband made from ethically sourced materials, £550,

Wool, sustainable viscose and organic cotton blazer, £1,075,

Sustainably made trousers, £350,

Ethically produced necklace, £675,

 Sports stars

Holding image: Tencel and organic cotton top, £129, and leggings, £169,

From top: Top, £65, and bottoms, £50, made from discarded fishing nets,

Animal-free high-tech fibre coat, £140,

Recycled plastic top, £55, and leggings, £75,

Recycled plastic top, £55, and leggings, £75,

Leather and recycled rubber trainers, £82,

3D-knitted top, £55,

Organic cotton hoodie, £210,

Tencel and organic cotton cropped leggings, £109, and top, £139,

Recycled polyester coat, £90,

Naturally dyed hoodie, £125,


Everyday denim

Holding image: Silk shirt, £150, Natalija, and recycled cotton jeans, £180, Boyish,

From top: Organic cotton jacket, £79,

Leftover denim scrunchie, £15,

Sustainable cotton dress, £55,

Recycled polyester and organic cotton jeans, £89, And/Or,

Organic cotton jeans, £395, Agolde,

Jacket made from two vintage jackets, £355,

Organic cotton culottes, £330, Citizens of Humanity,

Skirt with renewable wood fibres, £89,

Jeans made with less water and chemicals, £105,

Leftover denim bag, £180, 

Recycled cotton jumpsuit, £235, Boyish,


Cool classics

Holding image: Premium cotton shirt made with plastic-free processes, £106,

From top: Sandals made using blockchain technology to ensure traceability, £250,

Sunglasses made from natural and biodegradable materials, £98,

Lab-grown diamond earrings, £352, Scéona,

100 per cent European linen coat, £405,

Sustainably made blouse, £155,  

Renewable viscose trousers, £275, Envelope 1976,

95 perconverse.comcent organic cotton dress, £59,

Mulesing-free jumper, £205,

Recycled organic cotton jacket, £840,

Vegan trainers, £135, Humans Are Vain, 

Recycled polyester trainers, £34.99,

Organic wool blazer, £610,  

Recycled cotton and organic cotton T-shirt, £45,

Finishing touches

Holding image: Vegan leather bag, £315, 

From top: Handcrafted sandals, £146,

Sunglasses made with castor beans, £130,

Bamboo socks, £3.99, 

British leather bag, £595,

Recycled rubber trainers, £60,

Recyclable sandals, £25,

Bag made using no toxic chemicals, £499,

Recycled plastic sandals, £40,

Socks made from consumer nylon waste, £15,

Trainers made from recycled plastic bottles and merino wool, £95,

Recycled plastic backpack, £80,

Vegan leather bag with recycled plastic lining, £90,  

Glasses made from natural and biodegradable materials, £98,

Hemp trainers, £220, 

Manmade-chemical-free bum bag, £37,  

Vegan leather bag, £130,



Assistant: Stephanie Sofokleous



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