Examining Possible Future Texans Head Coaching Candidates

The day has finally come when Houston Texans owner Cal McNair finally pulled the plug on the Bill O’Brien era in H-Town. The 7-year reign of BO’B has finally come to an end. On behalf of everyone here at Battle Red Blog, we wish him and his family the best in their next endeavor.

Now, it’s time to turn the page.

Houston Texans

Let’s apply emphasis on this part:

Cal McNair

Romeo Crennel will serve as our interim head coach for the remainder of the 2020 season.

While Crennel has seemed to have one foot in the retirement camp for years, he might stick around and try to get the most out of J.J. Watt, Justin Reid and the rest of the team. Too bad it’s too late to bring back Jadeveon Clowney…

When considering possible head coaching replacements in case Crennel doesn’t want the role long term, whether they come soon or at the end of the season as McNair states, the Texans are automatically in the driver’s seat for the next NFL head coaching hire. And, people are already speculating:

Many will remember that Nick Caserio was heavily linked to the Texans to become their next general manager until, somehow, the Texans got slapped with tampering accusations, had to make nice with Bill Belichick and the end result was Bill O’Brien becoming the general manager and the overall roster talent level declining as a direct result.

Josh McDaniels has taken a shot or two at head coaching, but rumors abound he’s been waiting to inherit the New England Patriots when Belichick vanishes in a cloud of force smoke to go where all fallen Sith Lords go after retirement.

However, there’s a chance McNair has had enough of the narcissism that ran rampant through the staff over the last few years. If so, he may go a more traditional route and hire a general manager and allow that person to select the next head coach.

While Jack Easterby still has seems to have some stroke in the organization, he’s clearly not GM material or he would have assumed that role when O’Brien was still onboard.

However, we’re here to discuss replacing Bill O’Brien the head coach, not Bill O’Brien the general manager.

So, while Josh McDaniel might be on the radar, and someone on Twitter is trying to start a rumor Houston is dumb enough to consider Adam Gase, another option is a name very familiar to Houstonites: Wade Phillips.

There really is no other candidate who bleeds battle red and Houston football like Phillips. Having him and Romeo Crennel on the same staff might make for the most potent defense to ever exist, however, and building around Deshaun Watson is the way.

Speaking of Watson, bringing in Dabo Swinney would essentially guarantee the head coach got the most out of the rest Watson’s career. Clearly Swinney can install an offensive system that is far greater than Bill O’Brien’s and we all know Watson can excel in the system – just ask the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Another potential coaching candidate is former running back, running back’s coach to Adrian Peterson and current Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy.

Robert Saleh, the defesnive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers would also be a consideration, but see above, McNair would be best to bring in an offensive minded coach.

In the end, this may all be speculation and Romeo Crennel could totally get it down and be the guy who takes the Houston Texans to the super bowl. In fact, it’s not mathematically impossible that he won’t do it this year.

In that scenario, do you hope Crennel keeps Tim Kelly around or goes hunting for different offensive coordinator? Trying to instal a brand new system right now essentially throws way the rest of the 2020 season, but Crennel has been part of enough winning teams that he knows what it takes.

No matter who it is, our first request is to void the DeAndre Hopkins trade. We can put David Johnson back in the package and take him back to Arizona, good as new. Just give us Nuk back and it’ll help take the sting out of the 2020 year in Houston Texans fandom.

Who do you want to see as the next Texans coach? Crennel? Bienemy? Swinney? Someone else? Give us your pick in the comments.

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