Dana White Continues To Claim Jon Jones Wants $30 Million For Francis Ngannou Fight

Dana White and Jon Jones war of words is set to carry on with the UFC president once again claiming the light heavyweight champion wants $30 million to fight Francis Ngannou, saying, “Being the greatest of all time doesn’t mean you get $30 million.”

Jones potential fight with Ngannou has sparked a debate between the 32-year-old and UFC president White, with the light heavyweight champion calling the face of the company a ‘liar.’

White has claimed that the fighter has asked for $30 million to step up in weight to fight one of the UFC’s most dangerous fighters, something Jones denies, and following Saturday night’s show White doubled down on his claim.

“The stuff that he’s been through, to show up and basically demand $20 million, or $30 million, it’s crazy,” the UFC president told the press at the post show press conference, “So he can do whatever he wants to do. He can sit out, he can fight. He can do whatever.

“You know how this works. You know how I am. Jon Jones can say whatever he wants to publicly, and when he’s ready to come back and fight, he can.”

Jones denied he’d asked for so much money, the figure being how much Deontay Wilder reportedly makes per fight, and said that White should release their texts if he’s not lying.

However the 50-year-old claimed that he had no reason to lie, adding, “Who do you believe? It’s up to you guys. The f*ck would I lie for? What do I gain in lying about it? Why would I lie? Doesn’t matter.”

Jones has said that considering White has praised him for being the greatest of all time he should be worth at least half of what Wilder makes, especially for the big Ngannou fight.

Jones most recent fight was his controversial win against Dominick Reyes. Image: PA Images
Jones most recent fight was his controversial win against Dominick Reyes. Image: PA Images

White again claimed that the UFC legend’s ability to sell pay-per-view means he’s not worth that much and claimed that ‘Bones’ had hurt his own reputation in the past to make that the case, “Being the greatest of all time doesn’t mean you get $30 million. Being able to sell…Jon Jones has done a lot of things to himself. In one of his tweets, he was saying that I tarnished [him] – I tarnished you? You’ve done a very good job of tarnishing you.

“Hunter told him, ‘You can come in here and walk through the numbers.’ He says, ‘I don’t give a f*ck what the numbers are. I want what I want, and that’s it.’ That’s not how life works. Why don’t you guys fly back and tell your boss, ‘I don’t give a f*ck what this company makes. This is what I want, and you’re going to give it to me.’ See how that works out for you.”

The issues between White and Jones are unlikely to go away anytime soon and it remains to be seen whether the champion ends up with more money to fight or not.

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