Coronavirus live news: Paris ‘exiles’ told to return when lockdown ends, as Sweden passes 20,000 confirmed cases | World news


More than 5,000 people in Brazil have lost their lives to the coronavirus – even more people than in China, if its official statistics are to be believed.

But, writes Tom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro, on Tuesday night Brazil’s president shrugged off the news. “So what?” Jair Bolsonaro told reporters when asked about the record 474 deaths that day. “I’m sorry. What do you want me to do?”

Bolsonaro’s 11-word response – the latest in a series of remarks belittling the pandemic – sparked immediate fury. One newspaper, the Estado de Minas, stamped the president’s words on to a black front page beside Brazil’s death toll: 5,017.

“Bolsonaro isn’t just an awful politician and a bad president, he’s a despicable human being,” tweeted Marcelo Freixo, a leftwing opponent.

A wave of disgust swept over social media as word of the president’s comments spread. “A sociopath,” tweeted the musician Nando Moura. “What a tragedy,” wrote the journalist Sônia Bridi.

“It’s a mockery. An insult. It is intolerable,” tweeted Mariliz Pereira Jorge, a scriptwriter and commentator.


Sweden passes 20,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus



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