Classic Concert of the Day: Metallica at L.C. Walker Arena, Muskegon, Michigan, 1991

You’re all cooped up. We’re all cooped up. Everyone’s friggin’ cooped up! You’re scrolling through our social feeds, texting with friends, eating, drinking coffee, watching TV, scrolling through our social feeds again, eating again, playing that dumb mobile game you downloaded from an Instagram ad and can’t stop playing, eating again, chatting with friends on a Zoom call, scrolling through our social feeds again, all while worrying about where your next paycheck is gonna come from. These are tough times, people.

To help pass the time, we’ll be sharing a classic metal concert every day (and by “every day,” we mean “as it occurs to us”). Watch some of it, watch all of it, watch only one song… we don’t care! As it long as it provides you with a bit of entertainment.

It was easy to choose today’s Classic Concert of the Day, ’cause last night, Metallica streamed this vintage performance as part of their ongoing “Metallica Mondays” series. This two-and-half-hour show took place less than three months after the release of The Black Album, which means you can comfortably watch it without the fear that they’re gonna break out “Frantic” or “Until It Sleeps” or “Unforgiven XXIX” or whatever. Gnarly!

Exit light, enter Metallica:

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