Best Disney Movies on HBO Max


When you opened up HBO Max this morning you might have noticed something a little … funny about the vast selection of available movies on Warner Media’s streaming platform. Alongside the voluminous offerings from Criterion, Studio Ghibli and Warner’s incredible inhouse library, there are a lot of Disney movies. This is thanks to an ironclad licensing agreement signed before the streaming wars got really heated (this is also the reason why New Mutants isn’t just popping up on Hulu one day). Most of these titles will make it to Disney’s twin streaming services of Hulu and Disney+ in the not too distant future, but as for now it’s striking that they’re appearing on a competitor’s new direct-to-consumer juggernaut.

While the siloed brands of Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, Pixar, and Disney Animation aren’t accounted for, there are still a number of hidden gems from the generous Disney library currently available on HBO Max. And as a disclaimer these are all Disney movie produced in house either by the main studio or one of its subsidiaries – we’ve purposefully left off Fox movies (now a part of the Magic Kingdom) and also any movies released by Dimension or Miramax from that era because … ick.

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