Apex players experience glitch blocking consumables while using the Sentinel

Apex Legends players have reported a bug with the Sentinel that prevents consumables from being used after shooting the gun. The glitch does not occur after every shot, but players claim it is happening in several of their matches. 

A player uploaded a clip of them using the Sentinel in the shooting range and trying to use a consumable item after firing a shot. They selected various consumables such as shield batteries and med kits, but none of the items could be used for a short period. The player was eventually able to use a med kit, but this delay could make a huge difference in a real game. 

Other players confirmed this glitch occurs often in their games and is happening on every platform. Some players stated that the glitch is random while others believe it happens when trying to heal when the Sentinel magazine isn’t full. 

Another player explained that the Sentinel also has a bug that causes the Y axis to not appear, which makes it difficult to line up shots. They claim their teammate spectated them and confirmed the axis did not appear on their screen either. 

Not being able to heal in a gunfight is a huge problem in Apex Legends. Most players are aggressive and will rush a hurt enemy, especially if they have a weapon not suited for close range such as the Sentinel. 

Respawn has not acknowledged the glitch publicly, so it is unclear if it will be addressed in a future patch. 

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