Amazon’s Ring Always Home Cam is a drone that monitors the home front

Amazon‘s smart doorbell manufacturer Ring has just released a brand new home security camera dubbed Always Home Cam. The camera takes a detour from the design of the traditional surveillance cameras as it is a drone that flies inside the home. Ring Always On Camera

The Always Home Cam is actually a small drone with a camera installed. The maximum video resolution can reach 1080p and it is compatible with the Ring Alarm system. When the user is not at home, it can cruise indoors, and you can observe all angles of the room through mobile phones and other connected smart devices.

Its biggest feature is its superb obstacle avoidance technology. The drone cam can avoid objects on the flight path. The propeller also has its own protective cover that ensures it doesn’t get entangled with any household item.Ring Always Home Cam

The user can set the flight route of the Always Home Cam and the target area to be monitored. Once the established flight route is completed, the Always Home Cam will automatically return to the base for charging. When in the charging base, the  camera and so it can only be monitored when flying, and the device will make inevitable noises when flying.Ring Always Home Cam

The use cases for this camera are numerous. The camera can be used to check whether the stove is turned off, whether the window is open, or whether the door is locked when the user leaves the house.

The Always Home Cam will start shipping next year, with an estimated price of US$249.99.



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