Amazon allegedly rebranding Twitch Prime to Prime Gaming

Image via Twitch

Esports insider Rod “Slasher” Breslau has shared documents he received through undisclosed sources regarding Amazon & Twitch’s plans to rebrand Twitch Prime to Prime Gaming.

Slasher shared two confidential images one showcasing the service’s new logo and the other a description of the companies’ goals and features that will be available through the service.

In the following tweet, Slasher posted a message that had allegedly been sent to Twitch partners highlighting the purpose of the change and how it will affect them and their stream.

The message begins stating that the rebranding was being done to make it clearer for members of Prime Gaming to discover all the gaming benefits that will be included in the subscription.

Continuing, the message says that the change will provide more opportunities for Twitch partners stating, “it means more chances to grow your viewership across all types of gamers from Amazon Prime member base and opportunities to be featured in future Prime Gaming promotions.”

The rebranded service looks to offer all the same benefits that were available in its previous iteration, while also bringing the addition of a full high-quality PC game for free each month can be owned forever at no additional cost.

With the change, the services available from Amazon’s Prime membership will be very self-explanatory to new users who may not have been familiar with Twitch. Prime Gaming will be available to subscribers alongside Prime Video, Prime Music, and other bonuses that the membership brings such as fast and free shipping from

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