Alyx Mod Brings Silent Hills’ P.T. Demo To VR (Again)

Someone’s remade long-lost VR horror demo P.T. in VR via a Half-Life: Alyx mod. Because of course they have.

If you don’t know, P.T. is a now-legendary PS4 demo that served as a viral teaser for a new Silent Hill game from Metal Gear Solid creator, Hideo Kojima. The project was infamously scrapped after Kojima fell out with publisher Konami and P.T. was removed from the PlayStation Store.

This mod from AmbientDruth brings the game to Valve’s Source 2 engine, with a surprising degree of authenticity. It’s still early days for Alyx mods, so it uses many of the assets from the original game (including Alyx’s hands and windows with convenient handles on them). Check out a run-through in the video above.

Plus the experience isn’t 1:1 with the original P.T. and is missing some of the games creepiest moments. But AmbientDruth plans to add more to the experience over time, including the flashlight and the even some endings, so expect it to get a whole lot scarier. Even as it stands though, it’s another impressive addition to Alyx’s growing mod scene. We’ve also recently seen a mod that adds lightsabers to the game and a map from Portal 2 ported into it.

This isn’t the only recreation of P.T. we’ve seen, though. The game lives on in fan-remake form; people have ‘ported’ it to Dreams and even made their own full remakes, some with experimental VR support. Perhaps one day Konami will give us the full Silent Hill VR game we deserve. I mean, I won’t play it, no siree, but I’ll be happy for the people that do!

What do you make of this Half-Life: Alyx P.T. mod? Let us know in the comments below!

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