5 Reasons Why The Nolan Film Should Get A Sequel (And 5 Reasons It Shouldn’t)

Inception is one of Christopher Nolan’s most iconic films. Here’s why he should make a sequel, and why he should leave it be.

Inception is one of Christopher Nolan’s most well known pieces of work, and contains one of the most consistently discussed endings of all time. Many fans have aired their hopes that one day the dream-based film will be getting a sequel from the accomplished creative team.

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While the heist movie certainly managed to explore many complex ideas throughout its runtime, there’s arguably a lot more to investigate about this universe that Nolan has forged. The character’s story could be over for now, but there’s a potential sequel on the horizon. On the other hand though, there’s plenty of reasons why Inception should now be left alone.

10 Shouldn’t Get A Sequel: A Complete Story

Inception managed to craft a very complete story which felt satisfying, and made it seem as if all of the character journey’s had come to an end. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a sequel.

But, it does mean that a sequel would have to give a compelling reason  as to why these characters have decided to go on a new adventure, or it risks ruining the finality of the first film.

9 Should Get A Sequel: The Ending

Fans certainly had to watch the ending of Inception twice to really get the message of the movie. The ending is one of the most frustrating finishes to any film, as many people want the answer to the key question.

Is Leonardo DiCaprio’s Cobb really in reality, or is he currently trapped in a dream? The point is that it doesn’t really matter since he’s reunited with his kids, but it would still be satisfying to get a final answer to the discourse surrounding the theme.

8 Shouldn’t Get A Sequel: New Projects

There’s plenty of new projects for Christopher Nolan to be working on, with Tenet releasing later this year. The critically acclaimed director is constantly looking into completely different genres.

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While this dream-based film is certainly one of his most popular productions to date, unless there is a significantly unique idea to warrant revisiting the concept, chances are that a new project from Christopher Nolan would be far more exciting.

7 Should Get A Sequel: The Cast

The cast assembled for the movie is one of the best in Hollywood. There’s some truly astounding performances throughout Inception and it would certainly be awesome to able to see this group reunited.

From DiCaprio’s captivating lead performance, to Tom Hardy and Ellen Page’s supporting roles. With well known Nolan collaborators like Michael Caine and Cillian Murphy in the mix, this is a well rounded cast, completed by Marion Cotillard’s haunting role as Mal.

6 Shouldn’t Get A Sequel: No Direction

The script for Inception demonstrates its amazing ability to carve a detailed narrative despite the complex concepts that are being explored. Amongst the exposition are memorable quotes and deep character moments.

This is all because the initial film had a clear direction and an end goal. The heist genre worked extremely well to format the story properly. Sometimes sequels cannot be this focused, unless they are telling a very separate and individual story.

5 Should Get A Sequel: The World Building

The world created by the team that worked on the film is truly astounding. Whether it’s the way in which the characters interact with the dreams, or perhaps even the physical consequences of their actions, there’s a clear visual language throughout Inception. 

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This is a world that audiences would certainly enjoy exploring again, and there’s surely no end to the possibilities of what can be achieved in a land of dreams. Even if some of the science doesn’t add up, this is a breathtaking world that in some ways doesn’t need logic.

4 Shouldn’t Get A Sequel: Tradition

It seems to be tradition for Nolan to move on from a project quickly and start developing his next standout piece. There’s only one notable exception to his rule, that being the Batman trilogy.

There aren’t any other sequels in his work, meaning that Inception would certainly defy this rule. If the director was to revisit this property, there would have to be a very good reason to do so, rather than bringing new ideas to a different production.

3 Should Get A Sequel: The Visual Effects

The visual effects work on this film is truly amazing. Aside from the perfect location shooting and brilliant cinematography, the combination of both practical and computer generated effects creates a completely unique experience.

From the iconic corridor sequence to a whole city folding in on itself, the possibilities for a sequel are limitless, especially if these concepts could be pushed even further.

2 Shouldn’t Get A Sequel: Don’t Want Answers

In many ways, fans might not want answers to the bigger questions of the film. There’s a couple of other areas that could be developed further in terms of story in Inception. 

Many of these choices have been very deliberately made though, and audiences aren’t supposed to have the answers to them. It would therefore lessen the impact of the first to have a follow up which explained away the original.

1 Should Get A Sequel: Return Of The Blockbusters

Christopher Nolan has really helped to shape a new era of blockbusters. His films are not the typical flicks that many are now faced with when making a trip to their local theaters.

The Nolan blockbuster is a far more intelligent affair, which asks deeper political, cultural or emotional questions while also delivering high stakes action and huge scale. It’s a type of film making audiences would love to see again, and Inception is a perfect example of it.

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