Here are other San Francisco 49ers-related storylines that might interest you.

Pro Football Focus ranks Mullens as its No. 6 backup QB

Pro Football Focus ranked Nick Mullens No. 6 among its list of the top backup quarterback in the NFL. He came behind Jameis Winston of the New Orleans Saints, Marcus Mariota of the Las Vegas Raiders, Andy Dalton of the Dallas Cowboys, Mitch Trubisky of the Chicago Bears, and Matt Schaub of the Atlanta Falcons.

Fake crowd noise at Levi’s Stadium may be a game-to-game decision

The 49ers didn’t use fake crowd noise during their Friday practice inside Levi’s Stadium because the team doesn’t yet know what the league’s rules will be when it comes to its use on game days.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan has already expressed his concerns with pumping the sounds through the stadium’s sound system.

“Right now, I’m hearing you’ve got to press play on the noise at the beginning of the game, and you can’t turn it off till the end of the game,” Shanahan said on Thursday. “So, that means we’re helping both D-Lines when we’re at home. There’s lots of stuff that I really don’t know about yet.”

Shanahan added during a Friday-morning interview on KNBR that the use of fake crowd noise may be a game-to-game decision. For now, the 49ers’ Week 1 contest against the Arizona Cardinals is the only game that for sure won’t have fans in attendance. Levi’s Stadium won’t host another game after that until October 4.

“Until I get the official rules, I’m not going to go out and test stuff until I know what I’m testing,” Shanahan said on KNBR.

‘Feels great, baby’ face mask

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo spoke with reporters via Zoom on Friday while wearing a “Feels great, baby” face mask. It’s an actual product that is being sold, with proceeds going to a good cause.

“Just thought it was appropriate, get the ‘Feels great, baby’ out there,” Garoppolo said. “We teamed up with this non-profit organization, CityTeam. All the proceeds will go to them, helping families in the Bay Area, just during the pandemic, the quarantine, with coronavirus and all that stuff. It’s for a good cause, so go get your masks, everyone.”

You can purchase yours here:

Black Lives Matter on the big screen during practice

The 49ers showed their support for “Black Lives Matter” with several displays around Levi’s Stadium, including the big screen.