2000s Teen Movie And TV Makeup

In the interest of ~nostalgia~, it’s time to take a look back at the makeup looks from teen shows and films we were absolutely obsessed with growing up.


Kirsten’s eyeshadow in Never Been Kissed

20th Century Fox / Via buzzfeed.com, 20th Century Fox

Queen of ice blue eyeshadow. This movie is technically from 1999, but I’m including it because it is just so 2000s.


Jenelope’s blue eyeshadow and red lipstick in Bring It On

Universal Pictures

The only thing that could make blue eyeshadow more 2000s was to pair it with red lipstick.


Effy’s smoky eye on Skins


If you were ~edgy~ in the 2000s/early 2010s, you absolutely WORSHIPPED Effy Stonem and her smudged black makeup shadow and mascara.


Jenna’s blush and lipstick at the bar in 13 Going on 30

Sony Pictures Releasing

I’m 90% sure she just rubbed her lipstick on her cheeks, which, fair.


Brooke’s eyeshadow during the Boy Toy Auction on One Tree Hill

The WB

I loved how we mixed different pastel shades that 100% did not pair well together!


When Regina put rhinestones next to the ends of her eyes in Mean Girls

Paramount Pictures

Before Euphoria, we had Regina George sticking some body jewels from Claire’s on her eyes. Iconic.


Jamie’s minimalistic look in A Walk to Remember

Warner Bros. Pictures

We really loved putting on absolutely zero makeup except some blush and a THICK slather of clear gloss.


…and the exact opposite on Jenny’s face in Gossip Girl

The CW

AKA, what usually happened when you tried to do the Effy Stonem look. There were many days I resembled a raccoon.


Lizzie’s glittery eyes in The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Buena Vista Pictures

They matched her dress!! Color coordinating your eyeshadow with your outfit was ESSENTIAL.


Summer’s green and blue eyeshadow in The O.C. pilot


The higher to your brows you can blend your eyeshadow, the closer to God.


And this girl’s metallic eyeshadow in the same episode


Is this…is this Jamie Lynn Spears??


Yancy’s bottle tan in Sleepover

MGM Distribution Co.

So bad. 🙁 I remember using self-tan lotion to get ready for the first day of school and I showed up with streaks all over my legs.


Brooke’s blueish-purple eyeshadow in One Tree Hill

The WB

Brooke really had a lot to choose from for this list. I loved how her eyeshadow matched her dress, and then the glitter liner really just brought it all together. Iconic.


Shelby’s glitter makeup in A Cinderella Story

Warner Bros. Pictures

It’s easy to get distracted by Shelby’s hair here, but I’d like to focus on the way her glitter makeup kind of falls all down onto her cheek (it’s more obvious in the actual movie). Nowadays, we might want to clean that up, but here it just adds to the aesthetic!


Katie’s eyebrows on Skins


Katie had pretty solid makeup (those lashes!!), but LOOK AT HER EYEBROWS!!! They are nonexistent. To be fair, my eyebrows did not exist from 2008–2013.


And Natalie’s super thin and far apart eyebrows in Charlie’s Angels

Sony Pictures Releasing

Cameron Diaz just did not have eyebrows in any of her early films. I also can’t figure out if it’s the lighting or she has a really bad tan here.


Regina’s frosty pink eyeshadow in Mean Girls

Paramount Pictures

This is actually kind of cute, but I just don’t get how we didn’t know how to use liquid eyeliner or mascara in the 2000s. It was all about liquid eyeshadow from a tube.


…and Cady’s pink eyeshadow in Mean Girls

Paramount Pictures

Man, she really did start to turn into Regina.


Lucas’s eyeliner in One Tree Hill

The CW

To this day, I do not know whether the bleached gelled hair and eyeliner was Chad Michael Murray’s choice or the makeup team’s. Either way, I am so glad we got 2000s Boy Band Lucas™.


Here we have the final Goth makeup example, as seen on Eden from The Hot Chick

Buena Vista Pictures

To be a true goth, it was VERY important to have dark red lip liner and a lighter red lipstick.


And finally, Heather’s bright gold shadow from John Tucker Must Die

20th Century Fox

This is actually my favorite look on this list. She’s wearing top liner AND she has a different color for her crease!! It’s a miracle!

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