10 Genderbent Iron Man Fan Art Pictures You Have To See

Marvel’s iconic character Iron Man (aka Tony Stark) has been reimagined in these genderbent fan art pictures that everyone must see.

Iron Man is one of the most popular Marvel heroes. He didn’t belong among the best-known superheroes until the MCU came along and made him popular even among the people who don’t read superhero comics. Iron Man’s popularity stems from several factors, one of which is that he’s very human.

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Tony Stark’s rich and a genius, but he also makes mistakes, isn’t so lucky at love and he struggled with his inner demons. The fans simply can’t get enough of Iron Man, and sometimes they present him in a different way.

10 Iron Woman

It’d be foolish to assume that a female version of Tony Stark would have any less rich personality than he does. Navisa, who’s only 19 years old, by the way, drew a fanart that would look amazing in the comic books as well. Her female Tony looks like she’d doubting the sanity of the world around her, or perhaps is just devising the best way how to defeat her enemies or tick Captain America off.

9 Pepper Saves The Day

Tony Stark may have been the main person who donned the Iron Man armor in the MCU but he wasn’t the only one. So did his best friend James “Rhodey” Rhodes, and, of course, Pepper Potts, Tony’s CEO and later wife. Pepper saved the day by wearing the Iron Man armor more than once, and had she gotten more time in it, she could have achieved even more. infinity.insaan drew Pepper’s armor in blue, making it obvious enough that this isn’t the typical Iron Man.

8 Iron Mermaid

Iron Man may not have any actual powers but he can still fight even those who do and fly in the skies like the king of the world. But what if he, sorry, she, could also swim in the ocean and breathe freely? This Iron Mermaid by Veronica Angeli combines two different worlds and opens the possibility for many crossovers. After all, crime doesn’t stop on dry land, it also continues underneath the sea, and this way, Iron Woman could more easily team up with Namor.

7 Anime Touch

All the fans out there who like anime, as well as superheroes, will no doubt enjoy this fan art by Xcelon Art since it bridges these two worlds, that might seem separate at first but have a lot in common, even though many people might not think that.

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Both heroes in anime and in American comic books do amazing things and achieve the impossible, so it’s only natural that joined both of these phenomenons together.

6 Redheads Rule

Many fans probably didn’t even think about it but it remains an important question nonetheless – what hair color would the female Iron Man have? How about red so that it would match the armor? Whatever the answer would be, rebelistic introduced a version of the famous superhero that is positively shining. The armor’s details are wonderfully intricate and the hair looks amazing as well.

5 In Civil Life

Even Iron Man doesn’t wear the armor 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Tony Stark is also an influential industrialist and inventor, and it’s his company’s finances that help to finance the Avengers and their activity. Seeing Tony in a suit, unless the suit’s actually an armor, isn’t so common, but it does happen from time to time. Artist Robin Gillam is notable for including Iron Man’s signature sunglasses.

4 Side By Side

Some fan arts are so good that it makes everybody stop, look at them again and wonder whether they appeared in the comic books or not. This fan art by kawaiinkart is an example of that.

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It’s also the only fan art on this list that captures both Iron Man and the female Iron Man side by side. And it’s difficult to overlook that they look amazing together, almost as good as their incredibly detailed armors do.

3 Fly Like A Butterfly

Don’t be mistaken – Iron Man has a lot of cool powers. What else could be expected from a superhero that brought down heroes stronger than him, such as the Hulk, to name just one example? But as far as his abilities are concerned, flying still ranks very high among them. Many people dream about being able to fly and it’s nice to see in this fan art by Daniel Cardín that some of them indeed get the opportunity to fly, even if it’s only on paper.

2 Best Frenemies

The friendship between Iron Man and Captain America is now iconic. They stood side by side in many battles but they also had their differences, courtesy of their very different characters. Almost everybody remembers the unfortunate Civil War and the severe consequences it had. Luckily, in this fan art by put_the_ass_in_assemble (great name, by the way), Iron Man and Cap still look friendly enough and it doesn’t seem like they’re about to start hitting each other or even wage a war.

1 Romance To Die For

Let’s end this list on a positive note and focus on a fan art portraying the deep bond between Captain America and the female Iron Man, also known as Natasha Stark. Their explosive personalities might keep them apart but also motivate the other one to become better. And they work well both on the battlefield and as friends. put_the_ass_in_assemble  gives the fans the opportunity to glimpse into a universe where Cap and Iron Man managed to work on their relationship and found happiness together in the end.

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